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This is the City of Brotherly Love...and crime

and we only bombed our own city once!

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Welcome to the Philadelphia Community, a place for all interests Philadelphia. Please feel welcome to join if you're from Philly, the Philly area, or even if you just wish you did.

This community has very few rules, and we try to be very permissive due to the large number of members, but are very strict about the few we have:

  1. Please stay "on topic" of what would relate to all things Philadelphia. As long as it relates to the area in some sort of way, it is allowed and encouraged. However, use your head. Anything posted about an illegal topic will be deleted immediately and you will probably be banned.
  2. Respect for others is mandatory. Any hate, slander, derogatory comments, flame wars, or any type of uneccesary rudeness will not be tolerated. In other words, play nice, kids.
  3. Do not disable or screen comments, as this is a community and replies are necessary. If you don't wish to hear what others have to say, please don't post here.
  4. Do not delete and re-post. There are no "bumps," alternately if you don't wish to hear what others have to say, please don't post here.
  5. Do not use tiny font in your posts! Tiny font posts will be deleted!
  6. It doesn't happen that often but: If you are banned do NOT go to any of the moderators' journals to appeal. It will piss them off and result in an LJ Abuse ticket. So will joining the community with another journal.

    Any post that does not comply with these rules can and will be deleted without warning. Continual disregard for the rules will result in banishment. Flagrant abuse of another member will also result in immediate deletion, as well as being brought to livejournal's attention. Aside from these guidelines, we encourage you to post and interact with other Philadelphia members. Have a good time!

    Although this is the biggest and most direct Philadelphia Community, there are a lot of other great and more specific ones out there. Check these out:



    Sign up for the Philadelphia Livejournal meetup and come meet other Philadelphia LJers!

    I sit at Rittenhouse Park and see a guy from Time Cycle give the finger to a passing motorist and it kind of makes me smile. This is the city of brotherly love... and crime, and we only bombed our own city once... one time. I'll show you around the city and where you can't go after dark and if skating's your thing, I'll show you where you cannot skate: at Love Park. The dialer doesn't work on any of our phones, but this is the place we call our home. Philly's a place where the Mummers are weird and I do not think the Phillies have won in years. I begged Mayor Rendell and the cops on the beat to have mercy on me and Jenn and please blow up South Street. Philadelphia, get to know us. The Philly Parking Authority can go fuck its own face, and yeah sure we've got a problem in dealing with race. A statue of William Penn stands on city hall, up high, he's kind of a loner. If you look at him from the right angle, it looks like he has a boner.-"Philadelphia" by Atom and His Package